Board of Directors

Xavier Romano

Board President

Gina Galaviz-Yap

Board Vice President

Mike McLaughlin

Board Treasurer

Noelle Colby-Rotell

Board Secretary

Kevin Aleman

Board Member

Amy Ashton-Williams

Board Member

Lucia Longoria

Board Member


Xavier Romano, Board President

I am the Executive Director of Kappa Delta Rho National Fraternity and the President of the board of Euvalcree. I hold a B.A. from University of Oregon, a Master’s from Santa Clara University, and a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco. I have had the opportunity to “experience the world” through my consultancy work in higher education, taking me to countries like Saudi Arabia, England, Poland, Germany, and others! I was a recipient for the Fraternity Chairman’s Medal for Excellence this past year. Kappa Delta Rho National Fraternity, founded 35 years ago, is the largest Latino-based multicultural collegiate Greek-letter organization with membership on 110 campuses from coast-to-coast. Utilizing my extensive and profound knowledge and experience, I advocate for, guide, mentor, and council our collegiate community to enhance outcomes at all levels.

I am filled with personal joy when I am able to provide access to the university environment and being able to mentor young Latino professionals. I am passionate about service to my community, of which Euvalcree is very much a part of. We provide a level of engagement and service in Eastern Oregon that is unmatched anywhere in Oregon. Even though I am located in Iowa, I support Euvalcree’s Executive Director and, through him, the staff and  programs.

Gina Galaviz-Yap, Board Member, Juntos Statewide Director

Passion and Goals:

As a first-generation college graduate, and daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico, I am passionate about increasing access to higher education. I believe that knowledge is power, and that it can transform and individual to benefit the community. Serving on this board allows me to stay connected to the needs of my community.

What Euvalcree means to you:

Euvalcree an agent of change for the various communities in Eastern Oregon. The community leads the organization, advocating for services and change needed to overcome the challenges uniquely faced by rural communities.

Education and Work History:

I have over ten year of experience higher education. Starting out in admissions and recruitment, I was previously a Director of Admissions at a small regional public university in Oregon. In my current role as the statewide director of Juntos, I oversee the Juntos program that engages with students and families across the state to increase high school graduation rates and Postsecondary access.

Mike McLaughlin, Board Treasurer

Passion and Goals:

I love anything sports. I played both football and baseball in college at Portland State University, then baseball professionally. I have a passion for my community. I honor relationships established with the city, the school district, and all that is rural. I especially enjoy mentoring and serving our youth. I own three buildings on the national register of historic places; two of which are still under renovation. As a goal I would like to accomplish their completion and see their use as community assets. I love wine making, gardening, travel, dogs, and cats. i enjoy furthering my education with continued study of enology, meteorology, geology, astronomy, and psychology.

What Euvalcree means to you:

Euvalcree is like family to me. We serve families in Oregon with a variety of wrap around services aimed at helping the family. We do these services with love and respect for our clients. Many times, doing the hard work no one else can. I love serving on this board they are very special people, just like our staff, and our volunteers. That’s what Euvalcree means to me, Love and family.

Education and Work History:

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon; B.S.., Social Science, 1983.

Beaverton high School, Portland, Oregon; Graduated 1976.

Mayor City of Vale: 2009-2020. Governor’s Northeast and Greater Easter Oregon regional solutions advisory committee, representing cities less than 5000, Task force for economic development 2011-present. Rural development initiative board of directions 2014-present (past chairman of the board RDI)

Treasure Valley Community College budget board 2021-present.

FumMac, Inc., Vale, Oregon; President 1989-present

Rex Theater, owner Vale, Oregon; 1990-present.


Noelle Colby-Rotell, Board Member

I serve as Community Development Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) in Harney County, Oregon. I hold a Master’s in Communication Studies and feel honored to serve as a board member for Euvalcree. I promote healthy, resilient families and communities in Eastern Oregon and seek to connect people to resources to help them thrive.

I can see the steps of Euvalcree making a real difference in people’s and family’s lives. Euvalcree’s ability to engage and galvanize large numbers of people around issues and opportunities that make a difference in their daily lives is testimony to the organization’s relevance and importance in our community and beyond.

Kevin Aleman, Board Member

I am currently a student at Treasure Valley Community College. I serve as member of the board helping our community in the progression and proper representation of communities surrounding Eastern Oregon. Currently, I am living in Ontario and feel it is important to continue in our goal of providing better living for everyone in Malheur County and the surrounding areas.

I believe it is important that individuals who are willing to help in the development of their community that they are provided the proper resources so that everyone is given an opportunity to be heard and properly represented. As well as given proper and fair treatment.

I love watching everyone from my family, friends and community gather at events that we worked hard to develop. Seeing community come together has been one of the things that has made me continue to believe and strengthen my passion in working with EUVALCREE.

I have been a student ambassador for Treasure Valley Community College. I also served as the president of the Hispanic Student Organization at Treasure Valley Community College. I was a varsity athlete in soccer and tennis for Ontario High School. I was also recognized for my volunteer work at the Ontario Recreation Department. The biggest honor I have is being the youngest board member of EUVALCREE and serving as the Vice-President for three years.

Amy Ashton-Williams, Board Member

My name is Amy, and I am the Executive Director of Oregon Washington Health Network (OWhN). OWhN’s mission is to integrate physical, mental, behavioral and public health services to improve health outcomes and health equity focusing on access, quality and cost effectiveness. Our vision is that citizens in Umatilla, Union, Morrow and Walla Walla Counties are the healthiest in the two state regions. As the Executive Director, I work with network members and community partners to better understand the gaps in healthcare and work to find funding to fill those gaps. I am passionate about serving and having healthcare services available for individuals who are stigmatized, marginalized and discarded by the medical community due to their diagnosis, ethnicity, race, or other factors that current societal thought deems them unworthy.

As a EUVALCREE board member, I see my work is to support and offer guidance to the Director and management team. As a fellow Director, I know that it can be difficult to manage a growing organization. Having a board that can critically evaluate your vision and work allows the Director to lead their team with confidence. I am new to this board but despite this, I think that one win has been the connections I have made with the Director and the other board members and our goal of improving services offered by EUVALCREE. Currently, I am an LCSW and a CADC II. I earned my B.S. from Eastern Oregon University, and my MSW from Walla Walla University

Lucia Longoria, Board Member, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Portfolio Manager, CareOregon

Passion and Goals:

I believe everyone in Oregon should have a shot at living a long, healthful, and joyous life. My lifelong work in support of the public’s health has instilled in me a passion for equity, justice, and inclusion.

What Euvalcree means to you:

I share with Euvalcree a strong belief in the power of community. Everyone has something worrhwhile, wise, and meaningful to contribute toward living well and inclusively, together.

Education and Work History:

Master’s degree in public health with an emphasis on Health promotion, advocacy and social change. Manager of CareOregon’s equity, diversity, and inclusion enterprise portfolio since July 2022, and prior to that, over 26 years of public health civil service in disease prevention, health promotion, and health equity.

Roberto Gamboa, Director of Operations and Community Development

I currently act as the Director of Operations & Community Development for EUVALCREE, supporting rural and BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) community members in Eastern Oregon. I am passionate about making changes to our policies and systems to truly benefit our local communities that are not being served equally or equitably. I genuinely believe that the work I do with Euvalcree is essential and brings positive change.

I firmly believe that our work uplifts our communities in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as an organization, we have helped over 200 families with assistance like rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and other resources they needed to quarantine and isolate. This has brought an immense feeling of pride and joy. I currently hold an Associates in General Studies from Treasure Valley Community College.