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Community Event

Triple Celebration

In previous years, EUVALCREE hosted an all day, fun-filled event titled Children’s Day. However in 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were forced to postpone our event. In 2020, our plan was to celebrate Children’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day! We take advantage of this day to celebrate and honor our children, beautiful mothers, and cultural diversity! It is an all-day event for the entire family and community. This event included over 12 interactive sports and bounce houses for the kids, games, piñatas, face-painting, resource fair, mechanical bull-rides, DJ, live music, food vendors and free raffles! While all of this is happening, you could find people relaxing and enjoying a RODEO! In this exciting rodeo, we included our novice program alongside the best riders our tri-state area has to offer!

This is all just a GLIMPSE of what we offer at this spectacular event! For our sponsors, we offer booth spaces, banners throughout the area, speaking opportunities, and much more!

Community Event

dancing under the stars

How neat does eating and dancing on a warm summer night feel? That is exactly what we offer our community to enjoy with our Dancing Under the Stars event! Hundreds of people come out on this day to release some stress, revel in some authentic Mexican food, all while grooving out to upbeat live music! The kids will find entertainment too as we host this event in Ontario’s Lion’s park! Children can stay active at the playgrounds or our bouncy houses, or come throw a swing at one of our many piñatas filled with yummy candy! Our sponsors will have the opportunity to address our attendees, and/or host a booth to promote their business! Did we mention this event is FREE to attend for our community members?

Community Event

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead event is a cultural event where people honor, celebrate and remember those loved ones who came before us and for those who have passed. It is a day believed to be used for the spirits to come visit the living. Families can be observed setting out full entrees, desserts, and drinks for the spirits arrival— this is called an Altar. EUVALCREE partners with Four Rivers Cultural Center to host this remarkable event! We encourage community members to set up their altar in our public space. We do set up our own altars, as well! Kids are able to decorate sugar candy skulls, color day of the dead pages, play Mexican Bingo, amongst other super cool activities! This event is indoor and outdoor. Outdoors, we have great food available, folkloric dancing, and a DJ that gets everyone up off of their seats and prancing around to the beat!


Gina Galaviz-Yap, Board Member

I am currently serving as Oregon State University’s Juntos Statewide Director and as the Vice President of Euvalcree board. I hold a B.S. in Business Administration and Masters in Education. The program I direct, called Junto or Together, works to empower Latino students and families around education. Our goal is to prevent Latino youth from dropping out of high school and to empower families to work together to reach their post-secondary education goals. As a first generation daughter of immigrants and a Latina college graduate, I can relate and personally advocate for the communities I represent. One of my greatest successes has been serving more than 5,000 Latino families since 2012, with 90% graduating college. My work parallels Euvalcree’s work in that we bring together diverse perspectives and experiences to resolve challenges within our communities.

Roberto Gamboa, Director of Operations and Community Development

I currently act as the Director of Operations & Community Development for EUVALCREE, supporting rural and BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) community members in Eastern Oregon. I am passionate about making changes to our policies and systems to truly benefit our local communities that are not being served equally or equitably. I genuinely believe that the work I do with Euvalcree is essential and brings positive change.

I firmly believe that our work uplifts our communities in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as an organization, we have helped over 200 families with assistance like rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and other resources they needed to quarantine and isolate. This has brought an immense feeling of pride and joy. I currently hold an Associates in General Studies from Treasure Valley Community College.