Gustavo Morales

Executive Director

Chris Christensen

Legal Director

Roberto Gamboa

Director of Operations & Community Development

Dolores Martinez

Director of Community Engagement

Angeles Padilla-Villa

Director of Community Services

Norma B. Ramirez Gonzalez

Director of Programs


Maria Morales Donahue (Kalli)

Regional Community Engagement Manager

Juana Veronica Porras Duarte

Program Manager

Community Organizers

Angelica Corona

Community Organizer

Laura De La Fuente

Community Organizer

Gloria Jaramillo

Community Organizer

Yolanda Morales

Community Organizer and Support Specialist

Amber Scott

Community Organizer

Alberto Segundo

Community Organizer

COVID-19 Contact Tracers & Wraparound Support Service Providers

Laura Ayala

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Jessica Cruz

Contact Tracer, Wraparound Service Provider & Promotora

Chelsey Estrada

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Gisselle Gonzalez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Irene Guardado

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Aide Gutierrez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Marta Gutierrez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Yesenia Hernandez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Ximena Infante

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Isabel Lepez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Ana Lopez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Jisselle Lopez

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Christy Macias

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Nayelly Niebla

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Orlando Nunez

Team Lead Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Vitor Pedrosa

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Adriana Reyes

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Cynthia Romero

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Noah Scott

Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider


Gustavo Morales, Executive Director

As the Executive Director of EUVALCREE, I have the honor and pleasure of working with amazing and passionate people. I ensure that our team and community have the resources they need to address existing and developing issues so that we may create a brighter future for our community.

I have always been excited to learn, engage, experience and practice new things. Working with community is never dull as there are always new and exciting endeavors, efforts, and strategies that need to be developed, created, and implemented.

The belief that I carry in that we can make our community a place we can all be proud of and the work we do as an organization everyday allows to be one step closer to a strong and vital community. Being involved from the organization’s inception, it has been amazing to see the transformation of the community is undergoing in such a short period of time.

I am fortunate to be appointed by Governor Kate Brown to serve as both a Commissioner for the Oregon Advocacy Commissions – Commission on Hispanic Affairs and as a Board Member for the Oregon Cultural Trust. In addition, I serve as a Board Member for Rural Development Initiatives. I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Neuroscience emphasis and am completing my Master’s in Business Administration.

Chris Christensen, Legal Director

My name is Chris Christensen; the Legal Director for Euvalcree’s new Immigration Program. I also have a private practice in Boise, Idaho where I focus exclusively on immigration cases. Through my work, I support all immigrants! In Euvalcree’s immigration program, I provide initial consultations, explain eligibility for specific programs, answer general immigration questions or concerns, and then offer potential contracts or refer clients to other law firms that best meet their needs. Only by providing honest, and accurate legal advice, do I best support my community.

I am very passionate about helping others; especially those who find themselves marginalized in our society. It is my firm belief that the USA is an amazing and fantastic country because it has benefited from diversity and the hard work of many immigrants. I believe in Euvalcree’s missions, its leadership, and all of its wonderful staff and volunteers. They focus on improving people’s lives by meeting unmet needs. The immigration system is very complex and challenging! It is very rewarding to me to have the knowledge and opportunity to answer complex immigration questions and concerns. I continuously participate in trainings to stay on top of any changes to immigration laws.

In 2010, I received the inaugural award for being the Outstanding Young Lawyer of Year, from the Idaho State Bar. I currently hold three majors from Willamette University- Politics, Economics, and Spanish. I also hold a minor in Philosophy from University of Idaho. I graduated Magna Cum Laude, and #4 in my class.

Roberto Gamboa, Director of Operations and Community Development

I currently act as the Director of Operations & Community Development for EUVALCREE, supporting rural and BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) community members in Eastern Oregon. I am passionate about making changes to our policies and systems to truly benefit our local communities that are not being served equally or equitably. I genuinely believe that the work I do with Euvalcree is essential and brings positive change.

I firmly believe that our work uplifts our communities in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as an organization, we have helped over 200 families with assistance like rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and other resources they needed to quarantine and isolate. This has brought an immense feeling of pride and joy. I currently hold an Associates in General Studies from Treasure Valley Community College.

Dolores Martinez, Director of Community Engagement

I currently serve as the Director of Community Engagement for EUVALCREE. I am very passionate about my job and having the opportunity to work directly with migrant families, the Latino community, youth, and adults. My primary responsibilities consist of identifying community members’ needs and connecting them to the different resources, programs, or training that their personal development may benefit from. Seeing the gratitude from community members when their concerns have been acknowledged, and seeing them on the verge of tears because they have received support through some resource or program, is incredibly humbling and I will carry that feeling of fulfillment in my heart, always. I am motivated by my desire to want to continue making a difference and impacting the lives of my community.

EUVALCREE has unified and given a voice to our underrepresented communities, and created a diverse and inclusive environment. Our organization gives community members the tools to advocate for themselves and speak out to have their needs met. We have grown as an organization significantly, starting with the Soy Sano program to Cover All Kids, and the development of many more programs. Seeing this growth is very motivating and exciting, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. In 2010, through Treasure Valley Community College, I received my General Education Diploma. I am also a Certified OHP and QHP Application Assister, National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS), Census 2020 “Train the Trainer” participant, Oregon Worker Relief Navigator, Unemployment Insurance Assister, and CPR/First Aid certified.

Angeles Padilla-Villa, Director of Community Services

I am a huge believer that kindness can go a long way– this is what drives my position as the Director of Community Services with EUVALCREE. I direct community members to resources such as resident services, among others. My work has a focus on supporting the migrant and elder communities in rural Oregon, but extends to the entire Oregon community. Having compassion towards all is what I strive for. The ability to impact communities on a small and large scale is so rewarding.

I firmly believe that the work I do with Euvalcree helps underprivileged and underserved communities of all backgrounds. Our work aims to create generational change, and that is monumental. You never truly know how much a single action can positively influence a person’s life, and that feeling is always a win. Currently, I am working on completing my AAOT from Blue Mountain Community College.

Norma B. Ramirez Gonzalez, Director of Programs

Currently, I serve as the Director of Programs for EUVALCREE. My position has allowed me to support my community in a variety of ways. I have worked with our team to ensure the success of our programs, but I have also had direct engagement with our community and provided direct assistance. I seek to uplift individuals and communities to grow and help cultivate their power to enact meaningful change, whether it be on a personal or professional level. I am passionate about being a voice for all those who have been silenced or not given equal opportunities.

I actively advocate for Eastern Oregon BIPOC (Black and Indigenouse People of Color) communities and help develop and carry through programs that aim to improve their quality of life and of their families. Recognizing the systemic oppressions and language barriers that my community faces daily, I have made it a priority to make myself available to provide interpretation assistance, help navigate computer software and programs, or seek out the resources they need. My position has also allowed me to provide support for Small Businesses.  The work that I do with EUVALCREE, I hope, has brought happiness, comfort, and alleviation to families. I am grateful to be part of the change EUVALCREE is leading, and I look forward to expanding and bringing more much needed resources.

Maria Morales-Donahue (Kalli), Community Organizer

I currently serve EUVALCREE as a Community Organizer. I process applications for OHP and CAWEM. I support outreach efforts directed towards Churches, High Schools, restaurants, businesses, ranches, etc. My work provides support primarily for the Hispanic Latino community and I respect and admire the resources that Euvalcree seeks out for them. I love serving the community, families, and residents in general, regardless of their race or gender. It pleases me to be able to leave a legacy of productivity, health, and cultural wisdom. Our cultural roots are the foundations of a great nation. I believe I am fulfilling the purpose that God has bestowed upon me, through my work with Euvalcree. I was planted here in the garden of fruit, the EUVALCREE Team and the fruit has proven to be in abundance— we make a great team!

Some of my most rewarding experiences with EUVALCREE have been being able to promote and work with expecting mothers from the Guatemalan community. I provided support, education, and financial resources for their pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. I have experience as a teacher of “Culture of Beauty,” in Mexico city, as well as a teacher of International and Folkloric Dance (Mexico City).

Juana Veronica Porras Duarte, Community Organizer

I am a Community Organizer with EUVALCREE, helping underprivileged populations economically and with health benefits assistance. My work as a community organizer includes providing access to resources that have been identified as a need within our underserved communities. I have never felt greater happiness than helping others. I have had community members call me crying with gratitude about how impactful our assistance was to them, and I am grateful for the opportunities Euvalcree creates. Here, I found a great team that shares an inspiring vision and mission.

I have taken independent courses in the areas of Construction Technician, Real Estate, and Small Business Finances. I hold certifications in the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Mining Development Commission, Advanced Handling for Spreadsheets and Database, and from the Mexican Institute of Social Security: Service Quality Excellence.

Angelica Corona, Community Organizer

I serve my area as a community organizer, specializing in providing resources to agricultural workers and the Hispanic community. My work brings me joy because I’m allowed to help and meet my community’s needs. Working with EUVALCREE has taught me new lessons every day, and it’s been extraordinary to grow alongside my coworkers through professional training. I currently hold a General Education Diploma.

Laura De La Fuente, Community Organizer

As a community organizer of EUVALCREE, my job is to help the community regardless of race, religion, sex, and language. I seek to positively impact families and provide them with the benefits that EUVALCREE’s programs and services offer.  My priority is to help serve those with the most needs. I help educate community members about Oregon Health Plan services and other available aid. The work that I do with EUVALCREE, I believe has allowed me to give back to my community. Witnessing the joy and relief that I can help bring to families is very fulfilling and rewarding. It has been such a positive experience to work within EUVALCREE as it continues to work to develop the social capital and leadership capacity of local communities.

I hold certificates in Community Partner Marketplace, Unemployment Assistance, Oregon Worker Relief Fund Navigator, Stenographer Accountant Assistant, CPR/First aid, and have home visitation experience. I also hold a General Education Diploma.

Gloria Jaramillo, Community Organizer

I currently serve as a Community Organizer with EUVALCREE. My task is to provide services and support to the community that might not be readily available to them. I am very passionate about serving our community, even more so when you encounter households that have experienced social barriers that have limited their quality of life. The work that I do in this organization is an opportunity for continued growth, personally.

EUVALCREE has grown a lot in my time here, and I’m grateful to be a part of that change. I currently hold certifications in Oregon Health Plan Assistance, marketplace training, and received my General Education Diploma from Treasure Valley Community College. I also have experience as a Spanish Secretary and Private Accountant in Mexico.

Yolanda Morales, Community Organizer and Support Specialist

I work with Euvalcree as a Community Organizer and Support Specialist; during this time, I have given our community training through organizing in different areas and supporting other projects. One of my greatest satisfactions is helping people develop their leadership skills and achieve their goals. We help our community by offering them training in different areas to develop their skills, such as leadership, health, safety, and personal development. It has been of great satisfaction to help people recognize and report domestic abuse. I have been able to provide resources for families that helped them heal from the trauma experienced.

I have also provided CPR Training. Once, a participant of the CPR Trainings came to the EUVALCREE office to give thanks because he was able to help a lady who suffered cardiac arrest. They said, “I know I did my best to help save the life of the lady who suffered cardiac arrest because of the training. It was scary, but I did it until the paramedics arrived.” This, I believe, was a victory for everyone.

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Early Education from Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, California. I am also certified as a master trainer in the State of Oregon, as well as certified to offer CPR and CPR Training.

Amber Scott, Community Organizer

My position with EUVALCREE is Contact Tracing Team Lead and Community Organizer. I am serving community members that have been recommended to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure. I lead a team of Contact Tracers in Umatilla County that provide direct assistance and aid such as grocery shopping and delivery, and helping pay bills. I am an OHP certified assistor, so I help people with OHP-CAWEM applications. I also navigate applicants for the Oregon Workers Relief Fund. Some people want to make a difference in their communities but do not know where to start or what to say, and we help them achieve those goals by empowering and supporting them along the journey.

I believe in Euvalcree’s primary goal in assisting grassroots community members in communicating and organizing in significant and impactful ways. I think that there are community members who want to make a difference in their communities but don’t know where to start or what to say. EUVALCREE can help them achieve those goals by providing trainings, education, and guidance. Currently, I hold an Associate of Arts degree from BMCC, and I am currently in my senior year for my B.A. in Public Health.

Alberto Segundo, Community Organizer

I am a Community Organizer with EUVALCREE, serving the Guatemalan Community that speaks Spanish and the dialect, Mam. I have my High School Diploma from the Rural Mixta La Rochela Escuintla school found in Mexico, and completed a certification course of computer software. In Guatemala, I was honored with an Award of Recognition for Accounting. My current work consists of guiding and assisting my community by connecting them to resources, providers, making appointments, and facilitating conversations with school districts.

I enjoy being able to provide interpretation services to Mam speakers, allowing them to access resources that EUVALCREE or other organizations offer. I have received a lot of gratitude from the community, thanking us for providing resources and materials in their native language. This brings me a lot of happiness and gratitude to work for EUVALCREE.

Laura Ayala, Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

My name is Laura, a Contact Tracer for EUVALCREE. I live in a small community so there are alot of one-on-one connections all over the town. Because of the small size, we have a lot of support for small businesses and general community members. Through my work, I am able to help citizens that find themselves in quarantine due to COVID-19. This in turn, will help prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. I enjoy being able to be of support for people in need. I believe in the work that EUVALCREE is doing, including getting vaccinated and the continued use of face masks to help prevent the spread of the virus.

As someone that is part of a “minority” community, I am overwhelmed with satisfaction knowing I can help families in the same manner I would like my family to receive support. I am currently a Junior at Eastern Oregon University majoring in Sociology and minoring in Communications. I have been announced as Employees of the Month in previous positions, I am part of the Latino Impact Group, as well as the EOU Chamber Choir.

Jessica Cruz- Contact Tracer, Wraparound Service Provider, and Promotora

I work as a Contact Tracer, Wrap Around Service Provider, and a Promotora with EUVALCREE. I have helped provide service to all members in our community but the vast majority have been latino. It has been a privilege to serve in my community by providing resources and information about testing & vaccination, and delivering household goods and groceries during these unpredictable and trying times. Many people think that we don’t know what they’re going through so I like to share my own experiences with them because I believe it makes them feel more comfortable & less alone.

I am passionate about learning anything that will help me grow into a better person and to better serve & give back to my community. I believe that the work I do at Euvalcree brings awareness of the services that are available in our area. I have been so fortunate to have been able to talk to so many clients and to hear their appreciation for our service. It is so gratifying! It leaves me feeling like I accomplished something meaningful at the end of the day. Everyone is so grateful & it means alot to be a part of it. I have completed training for Contact Tracing, Promotora de Salud & Real D.

Chelsey Estrada, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

My role at Euvalcree is doing Contact Tracing in Umatilla and surrounding areas. I
serve any Oregonian infected or exposed to COVID-19. I help monitor their symptoms on a daily-basis, and provide them with resources such as food or financial assistance. I am very passionate about media representations and overall human rights. The work that I do with Euvalcree, I believe provides comfort for others; whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, or assistance with anything the family or individual may need.

A “win” I have experienced is seeing the face that people make when we bring them food or help them. The relief on their face makes me happy. To date, I have been trained in ARIAS and Outreach practices. Currently, I am working on my AAOT degree from Blue Mountain Community College.

Gisselle Gonzalez, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

I am a Contact Tracer for Euvalcree. As a contact tracer, we help anyone who is in quarantine and may need assistance with getting food and their necessities paid. Through our work we are able to provide help to anyone in Oregon regardless of their financial status. I am able to assist people who are being monitored by making sure they have everything they would need during their quarantine. We can provide those who are referred to us with thermometers, oximeters, disinfecting supplies, food, and help them cover any monthly expenses they have due. Even before I started working for Euvalcree, I have always hoped to work somewhere where I could help others.

I want to become the glimmer of hope that many need, and work with children that had rough upbringings. I believe that the work I am involved in with Euvalcree has allowed me to help minorities and get them the resources they need during these tough times. It is great to know that there is help like this so close to home and we are able to help our community. I have had many instances where I feel very happy that I was able to help a family out. Many are very appreciative of us, and every time I get a person who is so grateful for help I consider that a win.

Since starting with Euvalcree, I have taken several trainings such as ARIAS and Oregon Worker Relief. I am currently going into my second year at Oregon State University majoring in Human Development and Family Studies.

Irene Guardado, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

I support the community in the Malheur county area that were affected by Covid-19 and lost their job or lost hours of work. I also support the community in quarantine that are unable to pay for their rent, utilities and food. I help the individuals who lost their job or hours of work apply for the quarantine fund or workers relief fund. I collect all the information I need so they are approved for the fund and are able to pay for their important needs. I also help the families in quarantine by providing their groceries for them and paying their rent or utilities. I am passionate about learning new things, experiencing new things, and growing as a person.I believe that the work I do at Euvalcree is very important and has helped many families that were very much in need. I also believe that what we do here at Euvalcree is very meaningful to the families and to us workers.

The biggest win for me will always be helping the people in need. After hearing the struggles that the pandemic put these families through, it makes me so happy knowing that I was able to help. In the previous job I had I received my food handlers card and here at Euvalcree I have received the Arias and OWRF certification. I am a 2021 High School Graduate.

Aide Gutierrez, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider 

I support the community affected by Covid-19 through my work. I help people during their quarantine by monitoring their health, providing groceries, routing them to local resources for any assistance. I am passionate about becoming a better version of myself and not conforming to what is comfortable. I do believe the work I do with Euvalcree allows me to grow as an individual. I enjoy helping my community. One of my better memories in my line of work is when I can hear the relief in people’s voices knowing they’re not alone in tough times.

I have received my certificate of completion for REAL-D and Information Security and Privacy Awareness. I graduated high school, but I am currently not in college though I hope to pursue an education in finance.

Marta Gutierrez, Contact Tracer and Wrap Around Service Provider

I serve as a Contact Tracer. I support the community by making sure people’s needs are met during their quarantine. I also help deliver groceries to them, when needed. I am passionate about giving back to the community and giving people the help they need. The work I have done with Euvalcree has humbled me.

Yesenia Hernandez, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

I serve as a Contact Tracer with Euvalcree. As a Contact Tracer, I help out people who are currently in quarantine in Malheur county. I provide wrap-around assistance as well as assist with completing applications for both quarantine and Oregon Work Relief Funds. Through the wrap-around assistance, I help individuals get a hotel room to quarantine, if needed. I also help get groceries for families, and provide rental and utility assistance. I am very happy being able to help others in need. Ever since I was little, I remember always liking to help and being there for others. Euvalcree has a lot of programs, funds, and events that help out our community; specifically our Latino community.

As a Latina and growing up in this community I do not remember having any of these types of assistance, until Euvalcree came about. The most gratifying part of this job is when the people you help out reach out to you and thank you. Currently, I have my food handlers certification, ARIAS certification, and I am trained for the Oregon Worker Relief program. I am a high school graduate from Weiser High Dchool. I also received my Administrative Medical Assistant Certificate from the Milan institute.

Ximena Infante, Contact Tracer & Wraparound Service Provider

Bio coming soon.

Isabel Lepez, Contact Tracer, Wraparound Service Provider, and Promotora

In Euvalcree, I serve as a Contact Tracer and a Promotora. I support my entire community with a focus on the Latino community. Through my work, I help connect people with local resources, groceries, cleaning supplies, and anything else they may need while in quarantine. I also help people access COVID-19 testing.

My soul is fulfilled by helping others in need. The work that I do with Euvalcree is genuine. A positive experience I have had is seeing the gratitude people express towards us. I have training and certifications in the At Risk Identification Alerting System (ARIAS), in Wrap-Around Support, and as a Community Health Worker.

Ana Lopez, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

I support the Hispanic and Latino community that find themselves in need of assistance due due to the effects of COVID-19. I help complete applications for the Oregon Worker Relief Fund and quarantine fund. I also do Contact Tracing which consists of informing individuals they’ve been exposed and monitoring their symptoms. I am passionate about helping others!

I believe that the work I do with Euvalcree is necessary and a huge help for our community. We are doing something great by lifting some of that weight off the shoulders of our community members who affected by COVID-19. It has also brought me great joy to participate in the Toys for Tots Program that brings toys to the kids in our community. 

Jisselle Lopez, Contact Tracer and Wrap Around Service Provider

Through my work I support the hard workers in the agriculture industry. My community is a variety of mixed races and cultures, all working together to make their land produce new blessings each year. They hold strong consistency in what they do and are punctual season to season. I am able to help our community by helping them fulfill their basic living needs, financially or health-wise, due to being under difficult circumstances due to the pandemic and other related issues. I am passionate about having the time and resources to live life to its fullest potential and happiness. What I believe about the work I do at Euvalcree is that it has come together at a very convenient time for those in very inconvenient situations to help them get through a hard time in their life.

Some positive experiences I have had in Euvalcree are seeing the relief in a parent’s face when their children are finally fed with our help and the appreciation from community members receiving help paying a bill (and often keeping a roof over their head). I currently hold a high school diploma with some college experience in the medical field and in Spanish language.

Christy Macias, Contact Tracer & Wraparound Support Provider

My name is Christy Macias, a Contact Tracer with EUVALCREE. Because I live in a small community, I am able to establish personal relationships and connections with people and small businesses. I support my community by providing them with vital information and resources and assist them with receiving much needed groceries. A positive experience that occurs in the work I do is being able to help people with all their needs. Sometimes people get stuck and don’t know how to move forward so we are able to help them succeed and fulfil their needs. I will never forget the first time I delivered groceries to an individual and the smile on their face! I am passionate about helping people!

I have the empathy to be able to hear people out and understand where they are coming from. Being a first generation college student was difficult for me because I didn’t know what to expect. After getting so much help from the EOU community I learned that if I can take my personal experience and help others it can really make a powerful impact, just like my EOU community did on me. I also am passionate about mental health and exercise. I believe that if you take care of your mental health and exercise often it will help you be able to conquer a lot of difficulties. Self love is the best love. CUrrently, I am part of Latino Impact and TRIO at EOU. I volunteer with McNary Heights Elementary School and other parts of my community. I am a junior at Eastern Oregon University, majoring in Business Administration.

Nayelly Niebla, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

Currently, I am a Contact Tracer with Euvalcree. In my work, my co-workers and I help the communities exposed to COVID-19 in Malheur County and the surrounding area. I provide assistance over the phone, gathering information such as billing information to help cover the expenses for their month of quarantine. I also monitor individuals through the At Risk Identification Alerting System (ARIAS) and keep track of their symptoms and health. This helps get a better understanding of how the virus affects each individual. What I am most passionate about is being a good role model to my 2 year old daughter.

Working with Euvalcree has really shown me the effects of COVID-19 and the issues many families have to deal with. I believe we are making an impact by helping our community in a time of need. When I am helping all these families it gratifies me to know how grateful they are and that we were able to provide the assistance they needed. Since working here I have also received Oregon Worker Relief Fund certification. 

Orlando Nunez, Team Lead Contact Tracer and Wrap Around Service Provider 

I am Team Lead for Euvalcree’s Ontario Contact Tracing Team. I support people that are currently in quarantine or need assistance with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. I provide wrap-around support like grocery shopping, temporary housing, support for living expenses, and guidance for individuals to find resources that could provide further or more permanent assistance. I am always grateful when the families we reach out to give us their thanks. I do not expect a thank you but it makes me very happy and humbled to receive one. Outside of work, I love boxing! I don’t participate in the sport, but I love watching boxing matches. Seeing the effort boxers put into their fights and how tough they are motivates me to work harder. 

I am certified in ARIAS (the At Risk Identification Alerting System) and have taken multiple trainings on how to navigate sensitive matters such as COVID and vaccines. I graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication with a minor in Asian Languages and Culture and Chinese.

Vitor Pedrosa, Contact Tracer and Wrap Around Service Provider

My title is Contact Tracer for Euvalcree. I support the rural BIPOC community in Eastern Oregon. Through my work, I provide critical resources such as food to families who are in quarantine. It is a passion of mine to make meaningful change in our local community. I firmly believe that the work we do helps uplift communities who one day, in turn, will uplift others.

During my time with Euvalcree, I have been able to translate vaccine information at local events. It was amazing to see over 200 people show up to get vaccinated! I am currently studing Computer Science and Mathematics at Eastern Oregon University.

Adriana Reyes, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

I am a Contact Tracer with Euvalcree and provide support for all communities in Malheur County. My role is to deliver groceries to folks in quarantine and help pay for their rent and utilities. I also monitor people’s symptoms using ARIAS (the At Risk Identification Alerting System). This helps us help them through their quarantine and also understand COVID-19 and how it affects individuals. Before I begand, I never knew how positive this work would be. Helping people that are similar to me and my family really hits home. When I am able to help people get through whatever they are experiencing, it is very touching.

The biggest win I have is the heart warming gratitude of the people in my community. Knowing I did something good for someone is always a win. I also help complete applications for quarantined workers and workers eligible for relief funds. I am a passionate mother to a 7 year old and enjoy prioritizing my health and overall fitness. I became a mom at a young age and was forced to leave school due to a complicated pregnancy. However, through hard work and perseverance I was able to obtain my GED last year. I am currently working on Medical Assistant certification.

Cynthia Romero, Contact Tracer and Wrap Around Service Provider

I am a Contact Tracer and Oregon Worker Relief Navigator. I support those in Malheur County and surrounding areas who have been affected by COVID-19 and need support in terms of housing, utility assistance, or food access. I also support the farmworkers who have been impacted by wage loss and cannot support their family. I help them by communicating with families in quarantine and providing wraparound services such as rent/mortgage assistance, food boxes, and utility assistance. We help food workers and our farmers in agriculture by gathering essential information needed to navigate them through the Oregon Workers Relief Fund.

I believe the work I do with Euvalcree is greatly appreciated throughout the community and has the ability to bring us all closer. Some positive experiences that have occurred in the work that I do all include helping families recover from financially tough times and supporting them through their quarantine with essential day to day necessities. I currently have my food handlers license, At Risk Identification Alerting System (ARIAS) training, and Oregon Worker Relief Fund Certification. I am a 2020 Ontario High School graduate and currently enrolled in Treasure Valley Community College.

Noah Scott, Contact Tracer and Wraparound Service Provider

I am a Contact Tracer with Euvalcree. I support all individuals who find themselves in quarantine or isolation. I help the community by giving the affected citizens the proper information needed to obtain resources to help them during this tough time. I also help deliver groceries to families to help them during COVID-19 quarantine. I am very passionate about helping others and making sure people in need are able to get the help they need and deserve. I don’t think anybody should have to go through a tough time by themselves so I always try to help those in need in whatever way I can. I believe that Euvalcree is truly making a positive impact on those affected by COVID-19 and that they are preventing people from going hungry or losing their homes. 

I believe that Euvalcree is the helping hand the community needed during this time. A positive experience I have had while with Euvalcree is how some of the affected residents show their appreciation of our help. During a food delivery I did, the family made a sign and taped it to their front door saying, “Thank you, Euvalcree! We really appreciate your help and are grateful your organization exists.” I have also had people express their appreciation over the phone and tell me how they did not know how they were going to get through quarantine until we contacted them. We are giving the community hope.

Gina Galaviz-Yap, Board Member

I am currently serving as Oregon State University’s Juntos Statewide Director and as the Vice President of Euvalcree board. I hold a B.S. in Business Administration and Masters in Education. The program I direct, called Junto or Together, works to empower Latino students and families around education. Our goal is to prevent Latino youth from dropping out of high school and to empower families to work together to reach their post-secondary education goals. As a first generation daughter of immigrants and a Latina college graduate, I can relate and personally advocate for the communities I represent. One of my greatest successes has been serving more than 5,000 Latino families since 2012, with 90% graduating college. My work parallels Euvalcree’s work in that we bring together diverse perspectives and experiences to resolve challenges within our communities.