Coalitions & Collaboratives

Learn more about Euvalcree’s participation and leadership in a variety of Collaboratives and Coalitions in the areas of:

Community & Economic Development

CONNECTATE is an annual event hosted by Eastern Oregon University, pulling in organizations from across Oregon, one of which is EUVALCREE. It is a daylong event where resources and services are shared, and partnerships are formed. The event includes keynote speakers, workshops, and real-life experiences from the community. In 2020, Dolores Martinez was selected to share her experience as a Latina facing numerous barriers from education to language. She delivered a very emotive speech that touched the hearts of many and inspired many more.

The DEI Advisory Subcommittee will guide and advise CVSSD in developing and implementing DEI strategy to improve service equity.  Service equity includes prioritizing and allocating resources, services, and treatment of individuals based on needs as well as promoting inclusive access and options in victim and survivor services that promote safety and empowerment for all Oregonians. Equity also means re-examining standards, practices, and policies to eliminate discrimination and disparities in services, access, and outcomes. CVSSD recognizes that we have a responsibility to examine our own internal practices and policies as well, applying these same standards, and the Subcommittee will help us to develop a strategy to achieve these goals.

The Diversity Advisory Committee of Ontario was formed in an effort to engage diverse communities in local City council policy. The idea of this group was introduced in 2017, with City Mayor Adam Brown, community member Peter Lawson, and EUVALCREE Executive Director, Gustavo Morales, helping the committee come to be. DAC is made up of seven members– all from different cultures and socio-economic statuses. The hope is to be inclusive and ensure all of Ontario’s communities are represented and have a voice at the table. A EUVALCREE staff member has been participating in the Diversity Advisory Committee meetings, as an at-large member, providing feedback and input received from our diverse community.

EUVALCREE joined the Every Child Steering Committee to learn more about the needs of foster children and foster parents. We have done some collaborative efforts in the past through the Eastern Oregon Health Equity Alliance for some Welcome and Flash Boxes that were donated to foster families. The committee seeks to find long-term solutions for the countless children in the Foster Care Program.

The Diversity Advisory Council will provide advice and resources to the Energy Trust board to support Energy Trust’s diversity, equity and inclusion operations plan and to advise the board on assessing and
measuring progress toward goals in the plan

Malheur County Community Advisory Council gathers professionals from various sectors, service providers, community based organizations, and community members to advise and inform about the needs and work that is going on locally in the county.

Dolores Martinez, one of EUVALCREE’s directors, serves as the Treasurer on the committee for this organization. Although it is small, it has had major impacts on the lives of young students pursuing a higher education. The Mexican American Citizen League provides scholarships for eligible students, and encourages all to further their education beyond high school.

Recommends changes to state and agency health policies, practices, and structures to align them within a racial justice and health equity framework. The purpose is to make necessary institutional and statutory changes necessary to promote health equity, improve disaggregated data collection, and recommend interventions for racial health disparities in social determinants of health. Establishing racial justice will take foundational reform and is why this Council will be inclusive of representatives from diverse backgrounds, while at the same time explicitly centering Black, Indigenous and People of Color. BIPOC communities have already been communicating the policies and investments that will have the most significant impact on their communities.

Rise Collective is an initiative, funded by Wells Fargo, of 12 organizations across the state who are providing culturally specific technical assistance for small businesses and entrepreneurs post-COVID. The Rise Collective represents Oregon’s premier business technical assistance providers and includes: EUVALCREE, Launch Pad Baker, Nixyáawii Community Financial Services (NCFS), Affiliate Tribes of Northwest Indians – Economic Development Corporation (ATNI-EDC), Wildhorse Business Development Services, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD), Huerto de la Familia & Bohemia Food Hub, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (HMC), High Desert Partnership (HDP), and Burns Paiute Tribe.

Umatilla County Community Advisory Council gathers professionals from various sectors, service providers, community based organizations, and community members to advise and inform about the needs and work that is going on locally in the county.

This was an initiative that was established to set-up and staff a Welcome Center in Malheur County to directly work with our growing Refugee populations and be able to provide them with Culturally specific and appropriate services. Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) now oversees and staffs the center as it continues to grow and serve Immigrant and Refugee communities in Malheur County.

Founded in 2019, based out of Ontario, Oregon, the Western Treasure Valley LGBTQIA+ Coalition was formed. This group was created to promote inclusiveness and dismantle the oppressions faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in rural communities. Community members and public officials all came together to identify and address the discrimination, stigma, and barriers that the LGBTQIA+ community experienced. Local school districts were encouraged to participate, as well as their student body. EUVALCREE helped facilitate conversations in this space, and strategize efforts, alongside EOCIL and CASA.

This organization focuses on the trucking industry and is the first cooperative of its kind. It facilitates local transportation and gives independent owner-operators advantages in the transportation market they have not been able to obtain independently. This cooperative is designed to work as a democracy; each member can only cast one vote. Euvalcree is bringing these independent owner truck drivers together to create a network of mutual support in the short-haul freight industry. We have seen how vital independent-owner operators are, now more than ever. It is essential to invest in trucking agriculture and industry.


The Educator Advancement Council collaborates with local, state, and tribal partners. We invest in initiatives to diversify and support Oregon’s educator workforce through local, educator-led networks and statewide resources to provide the quality teaching and learning that Oregonians desire. As an innovative partnership, we aim to help Oregon achieve well supported and racially affirming public educators in every classroom.

EUVALCREE participated in the Rules Advisory Committee for the Oregon Department of Education to help guide them on best practices and standards for the distribution of funds received from the State Legislature. The funds to be distributed had a common goal of improving the education of underserved students and students of color. The committee was made up of several sectors across the state, including EUVALCREE. EUVALCREE is also part of the Oregon Partners for Education Justice where we advocate for, and support system and policy changes focused on racial equity in our education system.

Read more about HB347 here.

Health & Healthcare

Euvalcree and other Culturally Specific organizations from around Oregon joined together to review and modernize the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey and the Oregon Healthy Teen Survey.

EUVALCREE serves as an advisory body to the Developing Equity Leadership through Training and Action (DELTA) program that is offered through the Oregon Health Authorities Equity and Inclusion Division. The DELTA program provides training, capacity building, and networking that promotes health equity and diversity for policy leaders across Oregon. EUVALCREE helps oversee and advises on the DELTA Cohorts that are conducted yearly.

Regional Health Equity Coalitions (RHECs) are community-led, cross-sector groups that have come together to identify and address health equity issues. The model that RHECs use builds upon the inherent strengths of local communities with the ultimate goal of identifying sustainable, long-term solutions to the gaps that exist in our public health systems. There are currently six coalitions in the State of Oregon, which are organized regionally. RHEC’s center and uplift community voices and their lived experiences; prioritizing communities of color. EUVALCREE is currently the fiscal sponsor of the Eastern Oregon Health Equity Alliance (EOHEA).

Healthcare for All, House Bill 3427, focused on achieving access to health care insurance for all Oregonians regardless of their documentation status. We participated in an Advocacy group that convenes stakeholders from across Oregon to fight for access to healthcare for all Oregonians. EUVALCREE is a huge believer of equitable access to healthcare, and will continue to advocate for all Oregonians to receive the best quality healthcare without fear of repercussion due to their migratory status.

The Oregon Health Authority provided funding to EUVALCREE to support the work being done by the Eastern Oregon Health Equity Alliance to provide Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention. The aim is to do work in the community focused on Alcohol and Drug prevention and education as well as Tobacco Prevention and Education. We also aim to focus on systems and policy changes related to the priorities expressed by our communities.

The Latina Health Symposium, in both Oregon and Idaho provides information and tools for public health professionals, community health educators, and social service professionals to use while working with Hispanic/Latina women around health issues. EUVALCREE has been serving as the Fiscal Agent for these two events since 2018. The events are conducted annually in their respective states with a primary focus on Latinx Woman and her health.

EUVALCREE is part of Malheur Community Services, which is a group formed of local clinics, businesses, and organizations who share their current services offered with one another. This group also helps make connections between organizations and establish partnerships, all with the end goal of improving the lives of people in our communities.

This Malheur County Task force is composed of first responders, public health, and various organizations to bring together resources, services, and information for the public in regard to COVID-19. One of its primary focuses offering information in one location for everyone to share throughout Malheur County. We knew we would only get through this pandemic by joining forces and sharing resources available.

The Oregon Health Authority convenes this council to advise on Healthcare Interpretation in Oregon. This council was fundamental in bringing training opportunities for certification and qualification as well as funding for Healthcare Interpreters. Our group tackles the state-wide issue our communities face – accessing healthcare in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. We gather quarterly as a whole council and our two sub-committees – the Education and Training committee and the Advocacy and Legislative committee – convene monthly.

EUVALCREE participates in the advising body to OHA’s Equity and Inclusion Division. We are composed of members from different regions across the state who bring diverse backgrounds. We work together with OEI to discuss various recommendations around programs, budgets, and equity-related efforts.

In collaboration with Oregon Health Authority, EUVALCREE helps community members who typically are not eligible for free services like Oregon Health Plan connect with other free or low-cost reproductive health medical providers. We make referrals to local clinics that offer birth control, STD-health and information, pregnancy assistance, and more.

The Malheur County Community Advisory Committee hosts a series of events throughout Malheur County towns/cities. These events bring health exams and information to local communities. EUVALCREE, along with other organizations, joins in their efforts and offers access to staff to bring activities and resources to each event.


Euvalcree joined the Oregon Housing Alliance to learn about resources and services available for our rural communities in Eastern Oregon in hope to help alleviate the housing need and to advocate for more housing in rural Oregon.


One Oregon is a coalition made up of organizations across the state, including EUVALCREE. Leaders come together to discuss policy and legislation that affects our immigrant community. We discuss advocacy and actions needed to better improve the lives of immigrants. Examples of topics discussed include, ITIN, DACA, or Tax-related information for the immigrant community.

The law states that every level of Oregon government, including Oregon law enforcement agencies, may not inquire about a person’s immigration status or citizenship status or country of birth, may not share information about a person’s known or suspected immigration status, and may not deny privileges or opportunities to a person in custody or on supervision because of their immigration status. Under these new laws, Oregon’s DOJ’s Civil Rights Unit has been tasked with establishing a Sanctuary Promise Hotline to receive reports of violations of these statutes. The Civil Rights Unit will provide a confidential hotline and online reporting portal alongside its current Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents Response Hotline where community members, victims, their families, witnesses, whistleblowers, and anyone else can report violations of these statutes. This Steering Committee will guide the structuring of this new program, using their lived experience or experience supporting immigrant and undocumented communities and community members to ensure the services meet actual needs.

Oregon Ready works together with One Oregon Coalition. Leaders regularly convene to share and discuss educational opportunities and resources and provide insight into what each organizations’ communities are experiencing. We then brainstorm about how we can overcome barriers and bring much-needed change for our communities.

Past Success

Euvalcree has participated in many successful coalitions and collaboratives since its inception. Below is an overview of recent successes.

EUVALCREE participated in a group convened by the Coalitions of Communities of Color and the Oregon Health Authority to review and provide feedback on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and the Oregon Healthy Teen Survey. As a group of different organizations from across Oregon we were able to provide input and suggestions on how to improve and modernize these public health monitoring systems.

This program was created to educate and learn about energy democracy and how it is affecting Black and Indigenous People of Color. Participants were offered a stipend of $1,255 in exchange for two hours per week of their time for six months. Currently, they have 12 participants, some of whom were recruited by EUVALCREE.

This program was completed June 30, 2021. Three Energy Bills were passed thanks to the support and participation of the EJLI participants:

  • HB 2021 100 % Clean Energy for All
  • HB 2575 Energy Affordability
  • HB 2842 Healthy homes

EUVALCREE is a member of the Environmental Justice Transition Alliance. This group was formed to support efforts directed to protecting and advocating for our environment. We help host community events, and conduct interviews to get an understanding of how the community would like to support our efforts, or if there is a gap in their community. There are about 10-12 organizations, state-wide, that participate in this alliance.

EUVACREE worked with Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance, OSU-Extension Services, and several leaders from the community in Malheur, Morrow, and Umatilla Counties to conduct interviews and focus groups with local Latinx mothers about food and nutrition. EOHLA and OSU took the data and are creating a report to share with partners across the region and state.

EUVALCREE partnered with BRINKS Communication (through Oregon Health Authority) on a campaign specific to opioid abuse. We provided insight and feedback about opioid abuse in the Latinx community and reviewed the Spanish materials they produced. Through these joined efforts, we helped bring awareness to the opioid crisis that our state is experiencing, and identified solutions to reduce opioid abuse.

Euvalcree was part of the HB + HC cohorts that the Northwest Health Foundation supported and funded in an effort to engage communities across Oregon through Culturally-Specific Community-Based Organizations based on the expressed needs in the regions. This project spanned four years in which we had the opportunity to travel to different regions of the state to learn and meet the diverse communities across Oregon.

This council was started to engage various stakeholders from elected officials, educators, students, public health, community-based organizations, and many others to advise and provide recommendations on Oregon’s Department of Education plans to reopen schools across the state of Oregon amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ODE and Governor Brown’s office took that information and created the three models that were implemented for the 2020-2021 school year.

This is a coalition of grassroots organizations across Oregon that came together to build an economy that values workers, communities, and our wilderness. Because EUVALCREE participated in the FLOR Cohort, we conducted several interviews with community members. The interviews talked about the “Green Oregon New Deal.” These were part of the statewide listening tour, which helped informed a set of policies that will be presented to the state legislature in the years to come.

In this recently finalized project, EUVALCREE facilitated conversations with community members about the quality of water in their homes and/or community. This was completed in partnership with Oregon Environmental Council. The interviews were held via phone, and participants were provided with a visa gift card as a thank you for their time and responses. The purpose of conducting the interviews was to obtain testimony for a legislative policy regarding clean water.

State Voices is a nonpartisan civic engagement table, providing leadership, resources, and training to local grassroots organizations, especially those serving historically underrepresented communities. EUVALCREE has worked with State Voices to complete voter engagement work and training. The partnership helped develop the capacity of the organization to engage our communities around ballot measures and Get Out the Vote work.


Gina Galaviz-Yap, Board Member, Juntos Statewide Director

Passion and Goals:

As a first-generation college graduate, and daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico, I am passionate about increasing access to higher education. I believe that knowledge is power, and that it can transform and individual to benefit the community. Serving on this board allows me to stay connected to the needs of my community.

What Euvalcree means to you:

Euvalcree an agent of change for the various communities in Eastern Oregon. The community leads the organization, advocating for services and change needed to overcome the challenges uniquely faced by rural communities.

Education and Work History:

I have over ten year of experience higher education. Starting out in admissions and recruitment, I was previously a Director of Admissions at a small regional public university in Oregon. In my current role as the statewide director of Juntos, I oversee the Juntos program that engages with students and families across the state to increase high school graduation rates and Postsecondary access.

Roberto Gamboa, Director of Operations and Community Development

I currently act as the Director of Operations & Community Development for EUVALCREE, supporting rural and BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) community members in Eastern Oregon. I am passionate about making changes to our policies and systems to truly benefit our local communities that are not being served equally or equitably. I genuinely believe that the work I do with Euvalcree is essential and brings positive change.

I firmly believe that our work uplifts our communities in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as an organization, we have helped over 200 families with assistance like rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and other resources they needed to quarantine and isolate. This has brought an immense feeling of pride and joy. I currently hold an Associates in General Studies from Treasure Valley Community College.